IPRO Waste Management Solutions India Private Limited is a team of young entrepreneurs focused on solving the problems in the ancient waste management industry with the new and innovative ideas using technology.

  • Embrace Learning - As we forge a new path, we embrace learning from everywhere it can come. We are open to new ideas which will help us in building a better tomorrow. We believe continuous development can be possible through continuous learning that can be possible through continuous discussion with our partners. We also partner with thought leaders who guide us in understanding sustainability issues and help us implementing best business.
  • Passion - We are passionate about what we are fighting for, waste free clean earth and the success of our partners who will help us in achieving our mission. We are equally passionate about care of our staff work day and night for making world a cleaner place.
  • Embrace challenge - Many think upending an outdated inefficient 1 trillion industry as impossible but that’s what we are fighting for. Our people are smart, passionate, creative and thriving to solve one of the biggest challenges faced by the world today.
  • Humility and Transparency - We are creating transparency in the industry where it is missing for generations. We will reveal true cost of waste management to our partners and will provide visibility they deserve. We consider it privilege to work with our partners and employees in making this world a cleaner place through a better waste management model.
  • Inclusivity - We believe that making this world a cleaner place is responsibility of all of us. So we make sure that our partners are part of everything we do and make sure they have an active role in what we are doing. We are open to work with industries, local administrations and Governments to help them to find sustainable solutions for their environmental problems.